27 de abril de 2015


Last week I spoke about clothes for the summer, but I think is necessary spoken about shoes, so here is the post. Then, you'll be ready for the spring-summer season.

Usually in summer, I (and every woman) wear sandals but when you have one special occasion, maybe you prefer to wear shoes. Peep toe shoes (http://www.shoespie.com/C/Peep-Toe-Heels-101410/ ) are cool, big heel are always a good idea. When you wear peep toe shoes, you can feel very elegant.

In winter, the most important pair of shoes in your closet are a black ones, but in summer, you have a really big choice of colors. Black and red peep toe shoes are a good choice because you can wear it always.

This black ones with a little bit of pink are perfect:

And this red one with the zipper behind them are really original:

I love lace, and not always in dresses:

And for pink lovers:

Okey, now you want a new pair of shoes but… what about the price? It can be better: you have peep toe shoes under 50 (http://www.shoespie.com/shop/Peep-Toe-Heels-Under-50-101410/) !!

For example, these one are really cheap and you can feel like a princess with them:

In addition, you also have sexy looking open toe sneakers wedge , like this blue ones, don’t you love them?

And, this pale pink peep toe sandals are really my favourites, They must be really comfortable and fashion.

 Well, the fantastic website where you can find all of this is Shoespie

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  1. Son todos espectaculares! Los primeros son amor!

    Un beso

  2. No conocía la web, pero habrá que echarle un vistazo...

    Miriana's World Blog

  3. Zapatos hermosos! Colores encantadores.

  4. Hola Belén!! Me ha encantado el primer par de zapatos. Hombre, todos son bastante geniales pero creo que solo para las fotos :) no se yo si luego podria ponermelos en algun momento. Una bonita selección para empezar bien la semana ¡¡muás!!

  5. Adoro este tipo de tacon,son geniales,los rojos son una pasada! genial post!
    Te espero por mi blog guapa y asi seguir en contacto!


Gracias :)