27 de abril de 2015


Last week I spoke about clothes for the summer, but I think is necessary spoken about shoes, so here is the post. Then, you'll be ready for the spring-summer season.

Usually in summer, I (and every woman) wear sandals but when you have one special occasion, maybe you prefer to wear shoes. Peep toe shoes are cool, big heel are always a good idea. When you wear peep toe shoes, you can feel very elegant.

In winter, the most important pair of shoes in your closet are a black ones, but in summer, you have a really big choice of colors. Black and red peep toe shoes are a good choice because you can wear it always.

24 de abril de 2015

Ethnic dress

Otro vestido sacado del armario de mi madre, pero parece hecho para estos zapatos, ¿a qué si?

Si, estoy blanca, pero quería ir YA sin medias...

 photo Ethnic dress 1_zps0nikfgnn.jpg

22 de abril de 2015


First of all, I have to say that I'm not going to marry at the moment, but I always love wedding dresses. They are sooooooo beautiful and romantic. Every little girl dreams about hers. Most of my readers are womens so for womens is this post.

In Internet there are many online sites with wedding dresses and with other dresses for special occasions like proms, homecoming, quinceañera, sweet 16, cocktail, special events like birthdays and evenings events…

One of these sites is Weddingshe. Beside ir has specialized in wedding dresses, shoes and accessories, they also have amazing choice of evening dresses.

20 de abril de 2015


De esto que me pongo a revolver el armario de mi madre y me encuentro este vestido tan mono...

Ya os conté en mi facebook el significado del collar y titulo del post.

 photo Sinsajo 1_zpsffbcyhym.jpg