28 de enero de 2015


Do you need a change? Your style is boring? Do you want a new hair? This website: Cchairextensions,  is the solution for your problems. Hair extensions can add lenght, volume and color to your natural hair and there is a lot of ways to use it, changing your look everyday. You have different ways to apply it: Clip-in, hair weave, micro loop, bonded hair, tape hair... and all are really easy to apply.

This are good cheap hair extensions, you can choose from variety of lengths and colors for instant new, shiny and beautiful hair. This are the instrucctions:

The material used is 100% human hair and there isn't damage. You have to care it, when you brushing your hair, be gentle.
 Make sure to carefully cut the hair. It doesn’t grow back!

For blonde and brunette:

Even curly hair like in the picture:

They use paypal, the best and safe way to pay in internet.

The website have a chat to contact and different social network for hep you!

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  1. ayyy yo llevé fijas mucho tiempo y ahora tengo unas de quita y pon para los por si acasos :) son muy utiles. un beso!

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  4. Puede ser interesante para según que ocasiones :)

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